The Appellate and Post-Conviction Division handles direct appeals, expungements, and other post-conviction matters on behalf of indigent clients. The Appellate and Post-Conviction Division is located at 310 W. Lakeside Avenue, Suite 200, Cleveland Ohio 44113.

If you are a current client with questions, please contact your attorney. If you are seeking assistance with sealing or expunging your record, please call (216) 443-7580 or complete an online application. If you are seeking assistance with an appeal or a post-conviction matter, please contact Marissa Jancura at (216) 443-7583.

Appellate and Post-Conviction Division attorneys represent indigent clients in a variety of matters.

Direct Appeals

We handle direct appeals in criminal cases involving felonies and misdemeanors. We also represent juveniles in appeals from delinquency matters and represent parents challenging the termination of their parental rights.

Post-Sentencing Relief

We handle post-sentencing relief including expungement motions, jail credit motions, and judicial release motions. Some of these post-sentencing matters are also handled by felony division attorneys. If a defendant is entitled to jail credit, we will file a motion to get that credit. We do not, however, file judicial release motions in every case where the defendant is eligible; rather, we evaluate each individual request and file a motion if we believe that there is a reasonable likelihood of success.

Post-Conviction Challenges

A defendant does not have a constitutional right to appointed counsel in post-conviction cases. However, our office will reviews the merits of the potential claims and will handle post-conviction claims on a case by case basis. Such claims may be presented in a variety of ways including motions for new trial, post-conviction petitions, and motions to withdraw guilty pleas.