The Felony Division provides representation in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court to individuals are charged with a felony offense and cannot afford counsel.

The Felony Division is located at 310 W. Lakeside Avenue, Suite 400, Cleveland Ohio, 44113. If you are a current client with questions, please contact your attorney. If you are looking for legal assistance with or have a question about a felony matter, please either submit a question or contact us at (216) 443-8355.

Felony Cases - What to Expect

Types of Bonds

Personal Bond

A dollar value is attached to this type of bond, however, personal bonds do not require any payment for release from custody. Instead, you sign paperwork promising to appear for court and comply with any other conditions of release set by the judge. If you fail to appear for court or violate any other conditions set by the judge, a warrant may issue for your arrest and you may be subject to arrest. Depending on the circumstances of the violation, you could be required to pay the dollar value assigned to the bond and may face additional conditions of release or a different type of bond.


C/S/P bonds require the payment of cash, surety, or property to secure your release. A dollar value will be set and the cash, surety, or property will be used as “collateral” for your future appearance at court or for any other conditions set. C/S/P bonds may require a posting (or guarantee) of the entire dollar amount or may only require 10% of the dollar amount be posted (also known as a “10% bond”).